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Motorsport Auto is not currently able to stock Miata parts, offer a catalog, or offer parts in an online store. We are, however, closing out some great parts at our Motorsport Auto Outlet Store, where's sister company, has some merchandise listed for Nissan Z Cars. If you would like to be put on a notification list for any future online stores or catalogs for Mazda Miata's, please send us an E-Mail. Below are some of the parts we may be able to carry again in the future, just to give you an idea about us. Thank you for stopping by.
High Performance Driving

A great book by Bob Bondurant, one of the foremost authorities on how to go fast! The Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving is the most successful high performance driving school in the world. This book tells you how to get there!
Secrets of Solo Racing

This Henry Watts racing manual has exactly what it says on the cover, "Expert Techniques For Autocross & Time Trials". The Wheel states " ... a scholarly, exhaustive work. The sections on driving are absolutely correct". From driving basics to time trials, this book is a must for anybody who likes to go fast!
MSA Performance Strut Bar

The best designed strut bar for the handling characteristics of your Miata. The black finish looks great, and with the adjustable pre-load you can fine tune your front end for desired strut tower force. This unit may be one of David Palmquist's "secrets" of success! Don't settle for units with lesser proven track records!
The Motorsport Auto Miata Aero Kit 7

Our most popular fiberglass aerodynamic body styling kit really accents the Miata's shape, with a touch of aggressiveness, without ruining the Miata's classic lines.
The Miata Only Parking Sign


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